Saturday, 16 June 2012

Untitled poem (17/5/2012)

I hate this world and all it represents.
I just need to go home.
I hate the way they make me feel,
The way I lost all hope of return.
I hate that they don't believe me,
My need to go home and be free.
I hate what they do to make me stay,
They took my hope from me today.
I hate the accusations that they make
And all they do to prove me wrong.
I hate the Earth people's plan.
All I want is to return.
I hate that they make me live a lie,
The way they stop me finding the truth.
I hate the way they put me down,
Discredit reality because it suits them to.
I hate living as someone I'm not,
But 'reality' is a dirty word to them.
I hate all the pretending,
How they make me live on the wrong planet
And stop me from going home.


  1. And beyond the indifference, the superficiality, the brutality that plagues this fragile planet, there is that place in you that understands 'home' is what you make it. May your travels to that better reality, come to positive fruition.
    In kindness, Gary

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Gary.

    I agree that 'home' is what we make of it. Life is full of the good and the bad. And the journey definitely continues.