Thursday, 26 April 2012


It seems like time for a more positive post. Between all the stresses in life, and unwanted symptoms, hope seems to be forgotten. But hope is also important, and what moves us forward.

A few years ago, hope seemed an impossible dream. Nobody understood me or where I was coming from. Nobody respected me or my ideas. Family were holding me back, and friends were few and far between. But finally last year I was able to turn my life around. I now have good friends and a future. The worst of my demons have become part of my past, and not so much in the present.

I know the journey is long, but more recently I have been enjoying that journey more. And if I do take a wrong turning then the way back is a lot better signposted than it used to be. Wrong turnings don't always lead to setbacks, but detours. It might take longer to get back on track, but I don't need to find myself back at square one.


  1. My friend, along that road will still be the occasional pothole. Yet, there you are on the highway to hope :)
    You keep going and you have my support and encouragement.
    In kindness, Gary

  2. Thank you for your kind words Gary.

    Of course the journey will have its ups and downs, but that is what I feel will make life more interesting. The important thing is to not lose sight of the destination.

  3. Such an inspirational post, so glad things are turning around. :) I really like your view on wrong turns and how they can be detours in a more positive direction.

  4. Thank you for your positive words, My Meddling Mind.

    I'm just happy if people can find something positive to take from my posts. Life is always full of ups and downs, and anything to bring more ups and not let the downs get to us so much is always good.