Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas wishes

This isn't one of my paintings, but a photo I took a few years ago. I just thought it was the best image I had for this post.

Anyway, as I will be going away for the next few days, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone who reads this blog a very happy Christmas.

Traditionally I hate this time of year. I hate that Christmas has lost its meaning. I hate the commercialism that has become associated with this time of year. I hate the amount of alcohol that is expected to be consumed at this time of year, having been teetotal for nearly 6 years following an episode of problem drinking in an effort to not be depressed (in reality the alcohol only made me worse, a lot worse, and I am a lot happier without it). I hate the amount of food that it is expected we will eat, far more than my stomach actually wants. I hate all the happy families stuff that goes on, as I was never happy to spend time with my family and I dread being contacted by them. I also hate all the fakeness of this time of year, how people pretend to be nice around Christmas but as soon as January comes they are back to their normal selves (genuinely nice people excepted of course).

Christmas is also traditionally associated with a flare up of my mental health symptoms. The stress becomes overwhelming. Last year, if I remember correctly, I was convinced that my doctor was trying to control me with prescription medications. Thankfully this year I seem to be doing a lot better and have my feet firmly in reality, but a lot of that is only because I have booked a short holiday.

Though there is one part of Christmas that I really like. The Advent church services. My faith is very important to me, including attending church whenever I can (though this isn't always easy). There is something beautiful about the candle lit carol service, which is my favourite at this time of year. And the church I go to does it really well.


  1. Hi lost in space, I've been having one of those days, so I decided to visit some of my favorite Blogs. I feel a lot of the same things you feel about Christmas, so Im basically keeping it simple and remembering the true meaning of the Holidays. Enjoy your few days away and have a very Merry Christmas full of love, peace and health.


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Madison.

    I think that keeping it simple is probably the best way. I hope you have a good Christmas.

  3. I wish you happy Holidays and a lovely New Year filled with astonishing, breathtaking new experiences...Kisses.

  4. Thank you Unikorna. I hope you had a good Christmas too, and repeating best wishes for 2013.