Sunday, 30 December 2012


2012 was not one of the better years for me. Though it has had some good things happen this year. I have avoided the olympics, rightly believed that there wasn't really going to be an apocalypse, and done everything I could to not be affected by the jubilee. Though the latter caused a lot of annoyance and frustration by being by far the worst excuse for a bank holiday and Sunday bus times.

The best thing that happened was in September when I started uni. Finally I had some direction in my life, something that had been missing for so long.

But there were a lot of stresses. Things I didn't want to remember and wanted to leave in the past returned to the surface. Spring was the time that this affected me the most. I don't want to go into too much detail, but I mean some family stuff (family being by far the most negative influence on my life, so much that I refuse to have anything to do with them) and some other equally unpleasent stuff. And as if this wasn't enough I also had a couple of months of sleep disturbance when my doctor messed with my medication. I can only be thankful that this didn't turn into the insomnia-induced mess that I had experienced so many times in the past.

And to December we come. What I had hoped to be a good Christmas was just yet another stress that I didn't need. I am feeling low, a lot lower than I have for a long time, probably spring. I am hoping for a less stressful and more positive 2013. Whether that happens or not only time will tell.

And finally I wish everyone reading hope and peace for the new year.


  1. Dear friend,

    What a trying and stressful time 2012 was for you. Yet, despite it all, you will work it through and realistic positive anticipation can be the way forward in 2013.

    Christmas can indeed be an enhanced stress time. I hope you can move on from the lows of Christmas and visualise a better time that you see before your mind's eye. Try to make this so and be so very proud you challenged your stress and went to uni.

    I'm sending you peaceful, hopeful, positive wishes for 2013.

    In kindness and goodwill, your friend,


  2. LOS: Your visits and comments on my blog are very much appreciated!
    Happy New Year to you too.

    Indeed, 2012 was quite the booger for me as well. I am reminded of carnival rides; the ones that make you spin until you're nauseous(smile). 'Stress' is actually a four letter word; the second 's' is a typo(!)

    I'll be here pulling for you and a positive 2013. May your benefits be many... & overflowing. My pleasure 'meeting' you, take care.

  3. Thank you both for your kind words.

    I do hope to at least try to keep the positive spin, and even tough I have been low these last few days I know it will come to an end and the more positive days will return. Certainly trying to focus on my achievements despite everything else that has happened helps a lot.

    Thank you for the new year wishes and I hope you both have a good 2013.

  4. Dear lost in space, thank you again, for your honesty. Family stresses can be so difficult to deal with, I know all to well, sorry you are experiencing some of the trials that come with that. From what I have read in your post's you have indeed come along way. Lost in space, be proud always, you are strong and have much to offer. I too have had my low moments since the new year, but I have no doubt that we will continue to prevail and overcome.


  5. Thank you for your kind words, Madison.

    The journey through life is one of many ups and downs, and as long as we keep having the ups we are travelling in the right direction. There have been good things happen in 2012, but when I feel as low as I have been lately it can be difficult to see them. Actually even having any change in my mood, whether up or down, is progress from where I was at one point.

    But wishing you the best for 2013.

  6. I have a very important rule that I always apply...if someone is a source a sadness and negative feelings...I keep away from them. Including family. I dare suggesting you the same thing, you should consider your own happiness first of all...:) Have a great year!

  7. Thank you for your kind words, Unikorna.

    That is definitely good advice. Life is too short to spend time around people who are negative influences on us. I do stay away from family but they do not stay away from me, which is frustrating. But I do what I can to ignore them.

    Wishing you a happy new year too.