Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Two Paths

Acrylic on canvas, 2012, 20" x 16".

Not knowing where either path is actually heading, but only knowing that one path is positive (blue, river) and the other is negative (red, blood). Going through the grass these paths cross many times. It is easy to fall off one and on to the other. Positive can become negative and negative can become positive. Not knowing the destination only increases the confusion. I guess this is a pretty good description of life.


  1. Yes it is...but I defiantly choose to step on either of these paths as long as it takes me where I wanna be.

  2. Yes, I've been on both paths by choice and by accident. If you don't know what direction to go in life, it can seem like a confusing place.

  3. As an artist I'mm going to let that side speak first. Love the painting... such a curiosity that red and blue are used. These two colours are optically difficult to integrate simultaneously. The eye wants to see one then the other in a quick back and forth action. So I can definitely relate to 'unikorna's' comment, through a real physical sense.

    Red is a colour that draws the eye in towards it. Thus many people in my community use red letter signs to advertise their little garage sales. Blue on the other hand pushes the eye away. I had a blue tablecloth lying on the ground with super cheap items for sale, but no one wanted to approach it. It has been replaced with a red/white checkered cloth... now they stand in line to have a look.

    The other thing for me(only) is that life is in the blood(your red path); blue is water that helps sustains life. As 'Rum-Punch Drunk' says: "it can be a confusing place." Both involve life. So I might back it up and place no definitive parameters on either colour. Both are of equal importance or as I like to say: "Balance is something I glimpse as I go from one extreme to another." For me they're both real; they both have potential for positive and negative results. Why define them? Set them free and you might feel the freedom too.

    Sorry about the novel. Excellent sharing here... I always get a lesson from your work!

    Most sincerely, ~dcrelief

  4. Thank you for the kind words, unikorna.

    Definitely there is a need for both paths, and however we get to our destinations is not what matters when we get there in the end.

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Rum-Punch Drunk.

    The confusion is a big part of what I was trying to get across here. Finding ourselves going from one path to the other, both by choice and accident, is why there are so many crossing points. We can both jump off or fall off the path we are on, to land on the other.

  6. Thank you for your kind words, Dixie.

    That is very interesting about the colours. It definitely makes sense that red catches the eye more than the calmer blue, especially the pale shade I used here. But then even that could be relevant to the differences between the positive and negative paths, because to me the negative can often be more obvious.

    I think that both paths are definitely equally important, and that both journeys will have their interesting points. I use positive and negative broadly and they can mean different things to different people. But it remains to me that both paths are necessary to experience the other, that one cannot live a life that is either all positive or all negative for such a thing does not exist.

  7. Wow, this is pretty awesome. Your description right on point and the painting is amazing!


  8. I like the symbolism behind this art piece... Also, thank you for visiting my blog- I appreciate feedback and hearing peers' stories.