Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Moving forward

In the near future I will be taking the next big step on this journey through life. I feel both excited and anxious about this. But either way, I know that now is the right time to make this change in the right direction.

More than anything I want something positive to come out of everything I have been through over the last few years. I believe that I am on this path for a reason. I have changed a lot, I believe for the better. Well, I hope for the better! Back in 2007, when I first moved to the area I live in now, I was on a very different path. But that was a path on which I did not succeed, barely functioning and in the depths of depression and not to mention the paranoia and hallucinations that I also had. I was on a medication that not only didn't work, but actually made things a lot worse. I had no hope. My life was a mess, and I couldn't see a way out.

Looking back now, I am glad that I didn't succeed on my original path. For every door that closed, another opened. And now I find myself in a position where my dreams can become reality. I am happy that my life has changed, no matter what I had to go through to get here.

Little did I know back on that day at the beginning of last year when I found myself at my GP surgery begging for something to make the experiences I was having stop. Little did I know that I would eventually (actually not so eventually, it was about 18 months ago) end up making really big steps towards one of my most important goals in life.

Of course, my various creative ways have been a big part of my journey. And that is exactly how it will continue. Though I am adding time commitments, I still have plenty of time to be creative. I am going through a positive phase with my art right now, and that is something I would very much like to continue.

Wishing everyone who reads this blog success with their goals.


  1. Oh, lost in space, I am so happy for you. You seem to have worked so hard and have persevered despite the challenges. What a positive example you are of someone who does not give up no matter what. Congratulations on your new phase with your art and continue to blossom in all areas of your life :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words, My Meddling Mind.

    I needed to make something positive out of everything that has happened in recent years. I am glad that I have finally gotten there, to where I want to be right now, because the journey hasn't been easy. But the message I want to give is that anything is possible if you want it enough, as all too often we can see any difficulties as just a road block that we cannot get past. I know it took me years to get the right help that allowed me to get to where I am now.

  3. Hi Lost in Space,
    Apologies for my delay in responding to your posting. My friend, another positive, upbeat and caring posting. You strive to continue your goal of embracing positivity along that better pathway. And in turn, you reach out to others and wish them well in their own journey. A journey shared is a powerful thing. Thank you for your sharing such positive ideals.
    With respect and admiration, Gary

  4. Thank you for your positive words, Gary.

    Everything I do to make my life more worthwhile is of course a good thing. Both embracing positivity for myself and my own recovery, as well as passing on that positivity to others, are very important to me. If just one person has benefited from what I post here - whether enjoying my art work, or learning more about the reality of living with mental illness (reducing the stigma and letting people know there is help out there), or anything else - then I am happy. I am glad that you find my blog to be positive.